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Vucanav Feedback

    Date of Feedback: April 24, 2024


    The Vucanav Feedback seeks to understand how useful our courses are and how we might improve them over time.


    This feedback is anonymous (unless you choose to add your email address). The data you enter is tracked by our Learning Coaches for ideas on improvement only.

    (Optional) email address
    Why did you choose this course?

    Please tell us the top two or three reasons you selected this VUCANAV course.

    What is the one thing you enjoyed most about the course?

    In what way has the course changed your relationship with stress?

    What did you wish to see (and it wasn't included)?

    What topics would you like to see covered in more depth?

    If you could change just one thing, what would that be?

    How easy or difficult was it to understand the concepts?

    What would have helped you understand the concepts?

    Did you research or Google any of the topics during the course?

    How would you rate the structure of the course (flow, logic, confusion)?

    Why did you rate the structure this way?

    How helpful were the assessments in guiding you to make choices that were right for you?

    How could they have been made better?

    Did you skip any parts, and why?

    Have you applied anything you learned yet? If yes, how? If no, why not?

    How confident do you feel in applying what you have learned?

    What do you want to tell us about your confidence score?

    Did the course make you think differently about stress?

    Why do you think it helped your think differently about stress?

    How would you rate the quality of the visials and audios?

    Would you recommend this course to a friend or colleague?

    Any final thoughts we should know?